Our collective view of the world – and ourselves - is changing! A Shift of awareness is underway and gathering pace and we are waking up to realize that we are an integral part of a wholly interconnected and meaningful Cosmos.

From the age of four I have experienced multidimensional realities and been on an inner and outer quest to discover not only how the Cosmos is as it is but why. As a cosmologist I've scientifically researched the universe at its most minute and mighty and the universal wisdom of many spiritual traditions. As an international business woman I learned how to ground my extraordinary experiences in ‘ordinary’ life. And as a healer of both people and places, I've made revelatory discoveries of our collective hidden heritage and cosmic destiny.

My work brings together leading edge science, frontier research into consciousness and spiritual wisdom to share the emerging vision of integral reality – the empowering perspective of the whole-world where we are both creation and co-creators

I hope you enjoy my website...

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  • LEGACY my first 'fictional' e-book in three Parts is now available on amazon
    LEGACY is Book 1 of the Heritage of the Dragon series. You can read on kindle or download the FREE kindle app and read on your tablet, smartphone or pc.
  • You can still see the wide range of my webSalons with my friends at www.greatmystery.org
    The themes of these exciting and empowering webSalons range from the healing of nations to the emerging science of the cosmic hologram to crop circles and the elemental and devic realms of Gaia. Please go to the Programs section of the www.greatmystery.org website for more details. Cost is by donation.
  • Personal Soular Astrology consultations with me
    Due to many requests I'm now offering these in-depth, revelatory and empowering personal consultations - please see the Healing People & Places section of my website for details and how to book
  • FREE 8th chakra/universal heart attunements
    Please visit the Media & Articles section of my website and then the list of Podcasts & Attunements to freely listen to or download my healing attunements